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Can you teach your child Calculus, AP Physics or British Literature?  Do you need guidance with the college application process?

You’ve made the decision to home school your child, but you can’t be an expert in every subject. eHarvey enables you to turn your home into a college preparatory school. We offer home school students all the courses and college guidance services they need to prepare for their college education, and all from the comfort and security of your own home.

The Harvey School, through eHarvey, offers a full range of online courses in virtually every subject matter, including AP. We offer full-year, September through June courses, as well as summer sessions.

This is not a modern day correspondence school using email or blogs as the primary mode of communication. Unlike other Web-based learning, eHarvey provides a blended solution of self-paced online courseware combined with real-time interactive instruction from an experienced instructor. Students have the opportunity to enter a virtual classroom where they interact with teachers and other students. There, teachers answer questions and reinforce concepts studied independently during the week.

A Century of Experience, in 21st Century Learning